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Kakashi Narutos Japanese Anime Manga Hatakes Cool Casual Cloth Shoes High Top Comfortable Breathable 3D Print Men Women Sneakers


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1. Dear customer, we use high-quality canvas and rubber to make shoes, the production cost and transportation cost are relatively high, so the price will be slightly more expensive. Thank you for your understanding and I am sure you will have a good shopping experience.
2. Regarding the delivery time, since the shoes take some time to make, we expect to arrange the delivery in about 5 days after you place the order.
3. Regarding the size issue, please remember to check the size chart of our store before you place an order, and choose the size that suits you according to the table data. If you usually use the size of women's shoes, please remember to convert it.
4. If you have a measuring tool, you can also measure your own foot length, so that you can choose the most accurate size.
5. If you are very satisfied with our products, please collect the store and recommend it to your relatives and friends, I wish you all the best.



Shoe Size

USMen3.5 Women5 EU35, USMen4 Women5.5 EU36, USMen4.5 Women6 EU37, USMen6 Women8 EU39, USMen7 Women9 EU40, USMen7.5Women10 EU41, USMen8.5Women11 EU42, USMen9.5Women11 EU43, US Men10Women12 EU44, USMen 11 EU45, USMen 12 EU46, USMen 13 EU47, USMen 14 EU48, US CHILD 11 EU28, US CHILD 11.5 EU29, US CHILD 12 EU30, US CHILD 13 EU31, US YOUTH 1 EU32, US YOUTH 2 EU33, US YOUTH 3 EU34, USMen3.5 Women5 EU35-21, USMen4 Women5.5 EU36-22, USMen4.5 Women6 EU37-23, USMen6 Women8 EU39-24, USMen7 Women9 EU40-25, USMen7.5Women10 EU41-26, USMen8.5Women11 EU42-27, USMen9.5Women11 EU43-28, US Men10Women12 EU44-29, USMen 11 EU45-30, USMen 12 EU46-31, USMen 13 EU47-32, USMen 14 EU48-33, US CHILD 11 EU28-34, US CHILD 11.5 EU29-35, US CHILD 12 EU30-36, US CHILD 13 EU31-37, US YOUTH 1 EU32-38, US YOUTH 2 EU33-39, US YOUTH 3 EU34-40, USMen3.5 Women5 EU35-41, USMen4 Women5.5 EU36-42, USMen4.5 Women6 EU37-43, USMen6 Women8 EU39-44, USMen7 Women9 EU40-45, USMen7.5Women10 EU41-46, USMen8.5Women11 EU42-47, USMen9.5Women11 EU43-48, US Men10Women12 EU44-49, USMen 11 EU45-50, USMen 12 EU46-51, USMen 13 EU47-52, USMen 14 EU48-53, US CHILD 11 EU28-54, US CHILD 11.5 EU29-55, US CHILD 12 EU30-56, US CHILD 13 EU31-57, US YOUTH 1 EU32-58, US YOUTH 2 EU33-59, US YOUTH 3 EU34-60, USMen3.5 Women5 EU35-61, USMen4 Women5.5 EU36-62, USMen4.5 Women6 EU37-63, USMen6 Women8 EU39-64, USMen7 Women9 EU40-65, USMen7.5Women10 EU41-66, USMen8.5Women11 EU42-67, USMen9.5Women11 EU43-68, US Men10Women12 EU44-69, USMen 11 EU45-70, USMen 12 EU46-71, USMen 13 EU47-72, USMen 14 EU48-73, US CHILD 11 EU28-74, US CHILD 11.5 EU29-75, US CHILD 12 EU30-76, US CHILD 13 EU31-77, US YOUTH 1 EU32-78, US YOUTH 2 EU33-79, US YOUTH 3 EU34-80, USMen3.5 Women5 EU35-81, USMen4 Women5.5 EU36-82, USMen4.5 Women6 EU37-83, USMen6 Women8 EU39-84, USMen7 Women9 EU40-85, USMen7.5Women10 EU41-86, USMen8.5Women11 EU42-87, USMen9.5Women11 EU43-88, US Men10Women12 EU44-89, USMen 11 EU45-90, USMen 12 EU46-91, USMen 13 EU47-92, USMen 14 EU48-93, US CHILD 11 EU28-94, US CHILD 11.5 EU29-95, US CHILD 12 EU30-96, US CHILD 13 EU31-97, US YOUTH 1 EU32-98, US YOUTH 2 EU33-99, US YOUTH 3 EU34-100


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